Sol - Yours Truly

Sol – Yours Truly

Sol – Yours Truly
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Usually, Sol is a student from Seattle. But rapping has been his profession for about 4 years. He already passed the “rookie-level “, that’s for sure. He released 4 ep’s and 2 albums. His last one came out in spring 2012 and is called “Yours Truly”.
Sol is rapping with a very nice, casual style, on beats that have a smooth atmosphere. He really knows how to use his voice to create a chilled vibe. He talks about his life, Women, his generation, and the famous green flower he adores. The beats are on a high level, too. Not Too fake sounding drums, combined with Soul-Guitars, Strings, horns and singing. Very variable and good samples as well. Depending on his future plans, nobody’s seems to know what Sol has in mind.
Right now, he is traveling through India focusing on his photography’s. You can check out is blog to follow his activities. We also suggest you to listen to the “Dear Friends Ep” Vol I-III, which are as good as the album. A fresh new come-up out of the famous Seattle underground. Check it out! Our favorite track is called “For the Love” from the second EP: